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Access to Customer Success Experts
SAP Support Portal
Each request to the service is catalogued by a ticket system and then processed. This helps to identify specific problems in the application of the systems more quickly and can be systematically fixed or improved.

An investment in SAP MaxAttention helps you achieve your digital transformation through faster innovation cycles, smooth implementation, lower operating costs and higher business benefits. Discover the benefits.
Knowledge transfer is an important part of our support to keep costs as low as possible. We rely on a combination of pragmatic training and "learning on the job" to build and document our knowledge of the required information transfer.

Please refer to a complete list of our software products. It provides you with related documentation on implementation, upgrades and new features.

Use "Shortcut for SAP Systems" to accomplish many tasks in SAP Support more easily and quickly.

Increase productivity and reduce disruption with change management and enablement services.

To sum up, we can say that both support services naturally overlap from time to time.
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